Wireless Nurse Call

Nurse Call Systems do not have to cost a lot of money.  Wireless Nurse Call Systems are rapidly becoming the industry standard amongst Boarding Home and Skilled Care Nursing Facilities.  Wireless Systems are easier to install, troubleshoot, and a snap to expand or modify.  Labor to install a wireless system is almost non-existent. 

Not all Wireless Nurse Call Systems are alike; the Vision Link, Microvision 300 and Microvision 200 systems by Systems Technologies are the best, most reliable and cost efficient wireless nurse call systems available.



The Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call is a PC based system that is ideal for small or large facilites.  Vision link incorporates many features such as archiving of calls, paging, pleasant alert tones, cancel paging, and much more. 

MicroVision 300 is a non-PC based automated system that can operate in a location that is staffed or with the optional paging feature; the MicroVision can reside in a non-staffed location.  MicroVision is ideal for a moderate to small facility.

MicroVision 200 is a non-PC based economical system that is perfect for smaller facilities such as Adult Family Homes, Clinics, or Sleep Labs.  The Microvision is about the size of a wall thermostat and has an LED display along with an audible notification.

MicroVision 300
MicroVision 200

Wireless IV Pump Alarm

Wireless IV Pump Alarm
This Wireless IV Pump Alarm is a first of its kind. When coupled with the MicroVision 300 this device connects to the output jack on most IV pumps and sends a wireless alarm signal to a station and/or to an optional alphanumeric pager.